Media Advisory - Consumer and health advocates to call on PM to listen

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Media Advisory - Consumer and health advocates to call on Prime Minister to listen to people at risk of life-threatening reactions, not just brewery industry on proposed food labelling regulations

TORONTO, Feb. 1 /CNW/ - Stalling by the federal government and last minute opposition by the powerful brewery industry are putting important proposed changes to Canada's food labelling laws at risk. The proposed regulations will make it easier for millions of Canadians affected by food allergy and celiac disease to know if there are ingredients in food or beverage products that could hurt, or worse, kill them.
As a result of this challenge to an important government initiative in support of public health, medical professionals, allergy groups, consumer activists and concerned Canadians are calling on the Prime Minister to show leadership and place the public interest over that of a private industry. They will be countering arguments in favour of an exemption to the regulations for the brewery industry and releasing important new information in support of passing the proposed regulations.


      Laurie Harada, Executive Director, Anaphylaxis Canada
Jim McCarthy, Executive Director, Canadian Celiac Association
Dr. Charles Frankish, Allergist

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