hospital visit this morning

Lucas' breathing has been very rapid, shallow, and laboured since yesterday. he didn't sleep well either, coughing all night and in some level of discomfort/distress even with his asthma inhaler every 4 hours. (by extension, we didn't sleep well either but you surely didn't come here for news about us.) Arrived at Carleton Place & District Hospital around 8am, and within 30 minutes we were triaged, registered, seen, discharged, and on our way to the pharmacy with a prescription. (We skipped the normally-free first dose on-site, since the hospital pharmacist couldn't confirm the ingredients.)

Anyway, turned out Lucas' breathing difficulty was/is due to asthma, possibly triggered by a food allergy (either the Harveys fries (see earlier post) or, less conveniently, something we're still feeding him at home), compounded by a cold virus and physical activity in cold weather. Oral steroids are supposed to be pretty effective. If not, it might also be something called RSV - some respiratory virus. If it's that, it might put our Disney plans at risk, which we're not willing to contemplate yet.

How's he doing now? He's in fine spirits and ate supper with his regular gusto tonight. The little comedian even discovered that he can call mom from downstairs by simply speaking through the baby monitor... we'll see where that goes!

coconut oil

Submitted to a coconut oil importer/distributor:
Is your 100% pure coconut oil (250mL / 8.5fl.oz, UPC 66033 70041) suitable for consumption by somebody with the following allergies:
-peanut (even trace amounts);
-lamb; and
I understand the ingredients are 100% coconut oil; I just want to know if there might be any contamination from other products in the facility (e.g., airborne peanut dust or from shared processing equipment)?
PS. Response received a few days later was satisfactory. So far so good.


Harveys inquiry

we gave lucas a few fries from harveys yesterday. not only did I find them stale, they caused an allergic reaction (must have been a small dose because it only triggered eczema, cramps (which appeared to be quite painful), and uhm, "loose" stools.

I later gave Harveys.ca the following feedback:
Thank you for making your Allergy Guide readily available online and in-store. As the parent of an active 2-year old with multiple food allergies, allow me to request an improvement: PLEASE give the "may contain" warnings AS MUCH VISIBILITY as the regular warnings - the tiny asterisk directing us to the minuscule statement that states "All fried foods may contain one or all of the following: milk, soy, wheat and fish" just isn't clear enough when you are trying to order and pay while looking after the kid in a crowded food court.
Thankfully we noticed the warning after he'd had only three or four fries. His only reaction was an eczema flare-up within minutes, followed by painful cramping and diarrhea a few hours later. He's had a runny nose all day today and tonight he is still wheezing a bit from the congestion.

I understand your need for efficiency in the kitchens, but your cross-contamination carelessness forces me to take my family elsewhere.

With regrets,
A former patron.