near-incident at a school event

School organized an outdoor event (winter olympiad) and, unbeknownst to us, had a hot chocolate station to help keep the kids warm. My wife found out because she happened to be there, and inquired about the ingredients. "Oh they're safe, we checked." Good thing my wife double-checked, as one of the main ingredients was "modified milk ingredients" and there was a "may contain traces of eggs" warning.
She called me to whip up some home-made hot chocolate and rush it over to the school, then told the office she wanted to meet with the principal to discuss.

One week later without news, I dropped in at the VP's office, who apparently was just about to call me. She had the box with her and didn't realize "modified milk ingredients" was milk. (?!) She also hadn't read far enough to see the egg warning. (??!!)
After a "friendly" little chat, I sent the P and VP an email reminding them of the seriousness of ingredient-awareness for all people with allergies, of the board's anaphylaxis policy, and offered to help them meet the policy's requirements for prevention planning in the next week or two. I hope they'll take me up on that offer.

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