facebook networking / coping

joined a facebook group in support of the Zero8 resto-bar in montreal a few days ago. Today I get a friend request from this mother of three children of which one has severe food allergies asking me to check out her blog (http://aproposdesallergiesalimentaires.blogspot.com/).
1. Didn't really expect to start networking that way, but I'm logging her blog address here anyway for future reference.
2. Never suspected there might be so many different groups and websites trying to help people with food allergies. Kinda makes sense though, since (a) we each have to learn quickly to deal with it and we want to help others through that struggle (coping mechanism/empowering), (b) everyone's set of allergies is different so each feels like their case is special and what may be good for others isn't good for me so we're cautious/not trusting of other's claims, and (c) advocacy becomes a necessary part of our daily lives. Interesting.

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