blood tests are in

August 2009 unicap results IgE levels (and class), mean wheal dias, and chance of reaction:
Peanut: 57.5 (5), 12mm; 95-100%, don't even consider a peanut challenge.
Cow's milk: 30.9 (4), 6mm; 95%
Egg white: 39 (4), 6mm; >98%
Soy: 26.1 (4), 3mm; near 73%
Shrimp: 2.25 (2); "may outgrow sensitivity, avoid for now"

"One Australian study suggested that the following food allergies will not be outgrown if the skin prick test is/larger than a certain size. These are: Cow's milk 8mm (we're at 6); Egg 7mm (6); and Peanut 8mm (12)."

Good to know he could outgrow the "sensitivity" to shrimp! Would be nicer though if it was a food group we actually ate every once in a while.

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