Darifree ice cream

ok here's what I did: (will update later depending on results)

bring 1L water to 60C
pour 1cup 60C water into 24oz mason jar
add 2/3cup darifree milk substitute
shake/stir until smooth
fill with 60C water till 16oz
shake some more
add 1 3oz pkg "All Natural! Cherry Jel Dessert"
add 1/6oz (2tbsp) sugar
(couldn't find egg replacer)
(skipped the vanilla)
2pinches salt
2tsp canola oil
shake until blended
pour into large mixing bowl (metal so you can feel the temp)

put a bit of cold water in the mason jar (avoid thermal shock)
add a tray of ice cubes
fill with cold water to 16oz line
shake until all pretty cool
pour into large mixing bowl
mix until ice cubes gone/bowl cold to touch

setup ice cream maker
start machine and pour mixture in
add 1/2 cup frozen blueberries (for the heck of it)
(cross your fingers and) wait 25 minutes or so
original recipe, from http://www.enabling.org/ia/celiac/rec/rec96-2.html#rec96-2g.9
From: Karyn Friedman (KSPEACE@AOL.COM)
Subject: Darifree Ice Cream

Well, start checking out garage sales for an ice-cream maker, folks, or ask
your friends if they have one collecting dust. This recipe's a doozy.
Absolutely great.
Took me all of 15 minutes.

In a rubbermaid-type beverage container with a screw-on lid, pour

8oz. warm water
1/3 cup dry, powdered Darifree mix
(or just use 8 oz. of other milk substitute)

Shake until dissolved, then add

1/3 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp. egg replacer (or 1 beaten egg)
1 tsp. canola oil, if desired. Remember, kids need fat in their diets!
1/2 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt

You could also add 1 T. liquid calcium, if desired. This is available @ GNC.

Shake well. Add ice cubes to make 16 oz. of liquid. Once those are melted,
this mixture should be cold enough to use in the ice cream maker, without
further chilling.

In lieu of an ice cream maker, pour into popsicle molds.
You could double this recipe. It would take somewhat longer to solidify.
I suppose you lucky non-allergics could add cocoa powder, chips, nuts, etc.


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