allergy shots have begun

After testing highly allergic to grasses, dust, feathers and cats earlier this year, I thought best to seek a second opinion before embarking on an allergy immunotherapy program (allergy shots). 
This time nothing came up for feathers, but grasses where 5 (on approx scale of 4), dust mites were 4 and cats were 3.  There were some others, lesser ones, but I don't recall exactly. 
So I got a scrip for better antihistamines (continue daily), more nasonex (continue daily) and eye drops too should the need arise, until such time as the allergy shots have the desired effect.  Good news is that dust mite and grass shot programs have high success rates, as opposed to cats (which I can continue to avoid).
This is my 2nd week now of the shots, and so far so good with nothing more than a tiny pinprick to show for it.  Then again, I have had symptoms of a cold since yesterday... hmm...

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