Nutritional yeast flake from Verve Naturals (Puresource)

(originally posted 2009-12-03)
Sue x292 normally product info, works M-W-F
Lynn-Marie x311 and Elizabeth x298 work order desk and can also help w/prod info.

Reached Elizabeth, asked for allergy profile. She indicated Purely Bulk is not prepared in an allergen-free facility; there could be nuts, soy, maybe others as contaminants from use within same building, maybe even same equipment. She will look into other possible brands/profiles of nutritional yeast and email me back.

update (2010-02-13): She quickly called back to indicate that the "NOW" brand (that they also distribute) has a much better allergy profile. I have yet to find a store that carries them; even Rainbow can't get them from their local distributor... I suppose I'll have to try ordering their product online or by phone somewhere.

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