not-so-Progressive Nutritional Therapies

Called Progressive Nutritional Therapies (Johanne at 1888-788-3396 x235) regarding two products:
  • multi-vitamins & minerals for kids, 60 chewable tablets, natural summer berry, UPC 37229 00032 LOT:8343161 EXP:12/2011
  • progressive complete calcium for kids, 60 chewable tablets, orange passion fruit flavour UPC 37229 00044 LOT:8352161 EXP:12/2011

    both labels claim "made with no added egg, milk, [blablabla]"

    Response was product did not contain any such ingredients, but there could be traces of gluten, soy, shellfish (calcium), strawberry (vitamins), and possibly a few others (that didn't concern me).

    Only upon further questioning did Johanne inform me that they are made in the same facility as peanuts, nuts, eggs, shellfish, milk, soy and more, and despite the precautionary measures, the manufacturer believes there is still the possibility of cross-contamination. GRR.

    I requested that information be made available on the label so I wouldn't waste my time and money buying the product, calling for info, waiting for info, then returning the product. She replied believing they were already in the process of updating the label due to the number of complaints.
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