hospital visit this morning

Lucas' breathing has been very rapid, shallow, and laboured since yesterday. he didn't sleep well either, coughing all night and in some level of discomfort/distress even with his asthma inhaler every 4 hours. (by extension, we didn't sleep well either but you surely didn't come here for news about us.) Arrived at Carleton Place & District Hospital around 8am, and within 30 minutes we were triaged, registered, seen, discharged, and on our way to the pharmacy with a prescription. (We skipped the normally-free first dose on-site, since the hospital pharmacist couldn't confirm the ingredients.)

Anyway, turned out Lucas' breathing difficulty was/is due to asthma, possibly triggered by a food allergy (either the Harveys fries (see earlier post) or, less conveniently, something we're still feeding him at home), compounded by a cold virus and physical activity in cold weather. Oral steroids are supposed to be pretty effective. If not, it might also be something called RSV - some respiratory virus. If it's that, it might put our Disney plans at risk, which we're not willing to contemplate yet.

How's he doing now? He's in fine spirits and ate supper with his regular gusto tonight. The little comedian even discovered that he can call mom from downstairs by simply speaking through the baby monitor... we'll see where that goes!

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