Harveys inquiry

we gave lucas a few fries from harveys yesterday. not only did I find them stale, they caused an allergic reaction (must have been a small dose because it only triggered eczema, cramps (which appeared to be quite painful), and uhm, "loose" stools.

I later gave Harveys.ca the following feedback:
Thank you for making your Allergy Guide readily available online and in-store. As the parent of an active 2-year old with multiple food allergies, allow me to request an improvement: PLEASE give the "may contain" warnings AS MUCH VISIBILITY as the regular warnings - the tiny asterisk directing us to the minuscule statement that states "All fried foods may contain one or all of the following: milk, soy, wheat and fish" just isn't clear enough when you are trying to order and pay while looking after the kid in a crowded food court.
Thankfully we noticed the warning after he'd had only three or four fries. His only reaction was an eczema flare-up within minutes, followed by painful cramping and diarrhea a few hours later. He's had a runny nose all day today and tonight he is still wheezing a bit from the congestion.

I understand your need for efficiency in the kitchens, but your cross-contamination carelessness forces me to take my family elsewhere.

With regrets,
A former patron.

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