Disneyworld restaurants

We just returned from a one week trip to WDW.  We had good experiences at :
  • The Wave (Contemporary hotel)
  • Electric Umbrella (Epcot future world)
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (Magic Kingdom)
  • Landscape of Flavors (Art of Animation resort)
  • Cape May Cafe (Beach Club resort)
  • Ohanas (Polynesian resort)
Tips for minimizing delays when travelling with multiple allergies:
    • Fill in the special diets form in advance, according to instructions.
    • Travel with a number of epipens and allergy cards (business card with the list of allergies, ideally with a photo and emergency contact information).
  • At quick service restaurants, ask a cashier for an allergy menu and to speak with a chef or coordinator. At table service restaurants, ask to speak with a chef.  Hand the chef/coordinator an allergy card, and review available options.  It helps to identify what you normally have.
  • Order your own meal(s) and pay (if quick service).  Send the rest of your party to grab and clean a table.
  • Wait for allergy meal to be ready, the other meals will follow.  
  • Enjoy and tip appropriately.

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