Cocoa powder

Very disappointed that Fry's cocoa now all carry a new "may contain milk" warning on the label (some of the formats used to be ok - they did make good efforts to communicate the new warning).  Means we have to go exploring for a replacement product for a staple in the kitchen.

Found Selection Brand at Metro, UPC 5974988721, with no such warning.
Called their customer care agent at 1866-595-5554 (open M-F 0830-1630) option 4 customer care, option 8 speak to an agent.  Listed allergies ("All of that?" he asked, rather incredulously).  After a few moments on hold, came back with:

  • peanuts, treenuts: not in product, line, nor facility (good!)
  • milk/dairy: not in product or line, but is in facility (unsure)
  • soy, eggs and shellfish: not in product or line (good enough)
  • gelatin, kiwi and legumes: checking with vendor (appreciate effort to call back).
update: there is no gelatin or kiwi in the facility, but there are legumes on the line.

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