egg challenge

results are, well, encouraging, sort of.

Baked 1/3 egg (white and yolk) into a dozen choc chip muffins last night.
L had one, liked it (mostly because of choc chips, even if still a bit mushy inside, possibly not completely cooked).
An hour and a half later, tummy cramps and rather voluminous vomiting. No breathing issues, no visible hives, no noticeable swelling. Half an hour later, more spirited vomiting. When done, we gave him a spoonful of Benadryl and he slept well through the night (with baby monitor and occasional spot-checks, of course).

encouraging in that only vomiting, not anaphylaxis, and is willing to try again.
also optimistic about future options: yolk and white separately, and fully baked-in.
however, we do have a slight reservation in that exposure can sometimes increase the allergic response in very allergic cases (which optimistically we aren't anymore) and the quality of life and peace of mind will be worth it.

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