Hi-Liner pan sear select salmon

(Originally posted 2010-01-22)
Called (don't have details handy), spoke with Chantale.
It's a new product, not in database yet. For sure no peanuts in plant, but may be packaged in the same facility as another product made with almonds. Will put in a request and call me back (maybe not today).
UPDATE re highliner pan seared select salmon, mediterranean.
Chantale called back with allergen profile.
Only wheat and fish present in product, cannot guarantee against trace amounts of contaminants.
Dairy, shellfish, egg in some products. Peanuts not in plant, almonds could be but not on line.

They use safe practices on lines, if chance of cross-contamination -> strong sanitization technique + swabbing + high-pressure wash.

I think we chose NOT to try this product as we had found another salmon product that was plain and clean.

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