kiwi challenge ok!

We're taking the little one on a Caribbean cruise in a few weeks' time, and wanted to be sure he wouldn't react to kiwi. Results were negative when skin-tested year and a half ago, but we wanted to be sure before the trip. So, last night, after making sure all important stuff was done and we could spend the next few hours in hospital if anything happened, we offered him a piece.
"No, don't want dis" was the automatic reply.
We pursued.
"No, don't like dis" he insisted.
Ok, that's a little more concerning. We pressed on anyway, though a little less sure of ourselves. Turns out what he didn't like was the whitish middle part of the fruit.
He ate the rest of the piece (approx 1cm cube) and we gave him his promised reward. That was 18hours ago, and I'm so pleased/relieved that everything is still going well. :)

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