"cream" of broccoli soup

largely from "Finally... Food I can Eat!" by Shirley Plant

a. cut a bunch of broc (including stems, peeled to remove fibers) into small bits
b. wash 1/2 cup millet (or peel&chop one largish potato)
c. mince 2 cloves garlic
d. chop 3 stalks celery
e. chop 1 medium onion
f. chop handful fresh parsley
g. 6 cups water
h. 1 cup rice milk
i. have olive oil, sea salt, vegetable/herbal salts and pepper on hand

1. sauté onion in olive oil until transparent (2mins?)
2. add garlic and celery and stir continuously a couple of minutes
3. add millet (or potato) and keep stirring another minute
4. add 6cups water, tsp pepper, tsp sea salt, tsp veg.salts, and bring to boil
5. simmer 25 minutes or longer (if and as required to cook millet)
6. when cool enough, put in blender with parsley and rice milk, and liquefy!
7. serve (optionally, with a dash of fresh lemon juice)

yields 8-9 cups, can be frozen

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