Olympic Double Smoked Half Ham

Thank you for your recent inquiry about Olympic Double Smoked Half Ham.

We would like to inform you that here are no peanuts, milk, eggs, lamb or shell fish used in the manufacturing facility. Soy is used, however we cannot provide information on gelatin or legumes (may or may not be used) as we do not have this information at our disposal at this time.

If we can provide any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-595-9072.

Thank you for choosing Mitchell's Gourmet Foods.

Telephone inquiry 23 May 08:
Olympic Fine Meats, Double-smoked ham, 2.655 kg
Maple Leaf Consumer Foods, Mississauga
COSTCO label: Packing May 1 08 Best Before Jul 3 08
UPC 257841 241312

Mitchell's Gourmet Foods website lists Olympic Fine Meats 306-382-2210
referred to Maple Leaf Consumer Inquiries 1800-595-9072
"UPC not in system (on label only, not on packaging)
No info on gelatin, lamb or legues, has to contact (...) and will c/b."

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