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product: Barbara's Bakery, multigrains shredded spoonfuls, BB 07 MR 08
their Contact Us page doesn't list a telephone number for consumer inquiries, but it does offer an online form through which I submitted the following:
I cannot find any allergy warnings on your product. My son is allergic to: PEANUT, DAIRY, SOY, EGG, GELATIN, LAMB, SHELLFISH, and LEGUMES. Is your product safe for him?

"You request has been successfully submitted. A customer service representative will respond to your inquiry within one week."

Not satisfied with the online only interface and 1week(!) response time, I called their info number for retailers (707-765-2273) and spoke with Cathy. Very understanding and collaborative. This was her response (both verbal and follow-up email):

  • Soy: not in product, but *is* on that production line (as soy oil)
  • tree nuts: processed elsewhere in facility, not that product line
  • eggs: elsewhere in fac, not prod line
  • dairy: elsewhere in fac, not prod line
  • peanut, seafood: not processed in facility at all
  • lamb: info not available, not likely
  • legumes: info not available, will have to confirm with production facility and c/b

When I asked her about listing allergens on their packaging, she indicated there is no obligation in the US but they "are phasing allergen advisories on our labels when the need arises for us to reorder packaging."

Update: one week later, I still haven't heard back from her. I'm not terribly worried about this product, though it would be nice to get confirmation.

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