Since we stopped giving him milk and soy products, his eczema has cleared up completely. There are other foods that we have to be very careful with, though, since he broke out in hives all over after a vaccine (which contained albumen, so we are assuming he's severely allergic to eggs) and had an anaphylactic reaction after another vaccine (which was supposed to be non-allergenic). We've also completely refrained from introducing any wheat products, honey and all peanuts/tree nuts, just in case. You can imagine that doing the groceries is a little challenging, but we found some interesting everything-free things today. Wouldn't you know it, though, he started getting hives and vomited a pile of mucous, which he hasn't had since we figured out what he was allergic to. So, either he's allergic to something previously considered safe, or he accidentally ingested something "bad" (either from the floor or from our hands contaminated with something). Great. Luckily it was a mild reaction, because we have an allergist appointment tomorrow and can't give him any antihistamine for 48h beforehand so the tests can work. I'm half expecting Lucas to light up like a xmas tree after the testing. Sigh. At least we'll have a better idea.

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